Beyond the Digital Veil: Discovering the Guardians of the Future Internet


In the digital age in which we live, the Internet has evolved not just as a mere communication infrastructure, but as an expanding universe, a mosaic of ideas, cultures, and innovations.

Among these brilliant fragments is Web3, the decentralized Internet, where individuals become the main protagonists, the custodians of their digital destiny.

While the sea of Web2 was governed by a few technological giants, Web3 promises to be an ocean of distributed power, where every drop of water has its identity and voice. But, like every sea, this one too has its unique markers. In this context, domains and TLDs (Top-Level Domains) serve as the guiding stars of this digital ocean, steering the ships through the vastness of Web3.

But who are the guardians of these stars? Who holds power over these domains and TLDs that, in this new digital world order, become increasingly pivotal? The analysis unveils a hidden allure, an intricate dance of numbers and ownership that, like a secret code, tells the story of an ever-evolving Internet.


– The Eternal Web3: The immortality of Domains and TLDs

– The Statistical Allure of Web3: An Overview of TLDs Owners

– The Web3 Domains Mosaic: A Deep Dive into the Numbers


The Eternal Web3: The Immortality of Domains and TLDs

In the shadow of the endless digital highways, a silent yet powerful revolution is taking shape. Web3, with its cutting-edge approach to domains and TLDs, is rewriting the rules of the game, bringing with it a tantalizing promise: eternity.

The Players on the Digital Stage

Let’s delve into the numbers. Of the total active users on Freename, 13.19% have chosen to become owners of Web3 TLDs, while a staggering majority, at 86.81%, have opted for Web3 domains. But what drives this massive adherence to the ever-evolving and growing Web3?

Web3 Active Users (TLDs and SLDs owners)

Source: Freename | Data updated at the end of August 2023.

The Gift of Immortality

The answer lies in one word: “Lifetime”. Traditionally, owning a domain is akin to the sand in an hourglass: as time ticks away, it runs out, forcing the owner to renew and pay. But Freename domains and TLDs are different. They symbolize an eternal pact between the user and their digital space. Once acquired, that domain or TLD is yours, unchanged and inalienable, forever. The absence of expiry dates and renewal costs not only represents a significant financial saving but also an everlasting peace of mind.

The Promise of the Future

In a continually evolving digital world, Web3 domains/TLDs offer something invaluable: stability. They assure that your online presence won’t fade like a meteor in the night sky, but will shine consistently like a steadfast star. This guarantee of permanence is what makes Web3 domains and TLDs so appealing.

As we venture deeper into the era of Web3, it’s evident that the concept of Lifetime is altering the digital landscape. It’s a call to action, an invitation for us all to take control of our digital space and to revel in its eternal benefits. In the world of Web3 with Freename, the promise of eternity is not just a dream but a tangible and solid reality.

The Statistical Allure of Web3: An Overview of TLDs Owners

The world of Web3 is in constant evolution, an enigmatic dance of numbers and percentages, of holders and domains. The digital horizon expands, and with it, the ownership of TLDs (Top-Level Domains) in this sector.


Looking at the world map, the United States emerges as the undisputed leader, holding 23.66% of Web3 TLDs. Not far behind, Germany grabs a sizable slice at 18.15%. Notably, Bulgaria positions itself in third place with 11.58%.

The United Kingdom and Canada follow respectively with 8.48% and 6.27%. While countries like France, Italy, and Luxembourg each hold a more modest share, with 2.41% for France and 1.37% for the latter two.

And let’s not forget the “Rest of the World.” This diverse category represents a surprising 25.15%, a mix of nations with different visions and goals, but all with one thing in common: a stake in Web3.

Web3 TLDs — Owners

Source: Freename | Data updated at the end of August 2023.

Preferred Technologies

From a technological perspective, Polygon dominates with a staggering majority of 94.32%. This platform has clearly won the hearts and minds of Web3 enthusiasts. Conversely, BSC keeps pace, albeit from a distance, with a respectable 5.02%, while Aurora makes its appearance with a modest 0.66%.

Web3 TLDs — Blockchain

Source: Freename | Data updated at the end of August 2023.

The Web3 Domains Mosaic: A Deep Dive into the Numbers

In the vibrant and intricate universe of Web3, domains emerge as the emblem of the new digital frontier. They are not just addresses but symbolize ambitions, visions, and identities. And, like every identity, they are distributed in a diversified and captivating manner.


The United States prominently emerges, holding 22.22% of Web3 domains. But, in a surprising twist, Bulgaria stands nearly shoulder-to- shoulder, claiming a proud 21.75%. The competition is close-knit, showcasing a playing field much more balanced than one might envision.

Italy, with its 7.66%, represents a rising force in this landscape, closely trailed by the United Kingdom and Germany, at 5.57% and 5.21% respectively. Countries such as Canada, India, and Luxembourg fluctuate between 2.41% and 2.88%, while nations like Indonesia and France round off the list with 1.89% and 1.21%. And, naturally, there’s the vast and mysterious “Other,” encompassing a significant 26.36%, reminding us that Web3 is a globally evolving territory.

Web3 Domains — Owners

Source: Freename | Data updated at the end of August 2023.

Preferred Technologies

On the technological side, Polygon reigns supreme with a staggering share of 83.82%. It’s a testament to its sturdiness and popularity within the Web3 ecosystem. Yet, BSC is not far behind, laying claim to a solid 14.61%. Lastly, Aurora glimmers with a modest 1.57%, a nod to the fact that every Blockchain can have its place in Web3.

Web3 Domains — Blockchain

Source: Freename | Data updated at the end of August 2023.

These figures aren’t just numbers; they narrate tales of innovation, competition, and collaboration. They are the preliminary map of a swiftly evolving digital world, where every percentage embodies dreams, challenges, and opportunities. In Web3, the future is now, and these statistics are its living evidence.