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What is an explorer?

The first thing you do when you open up your browser is search for something. You may search on google or any other search engine.The vast majority of websites have explorers built into them., for example, leverages a good search engine to provide users with access to the best Web 3 domains/TLDs. Why is this important? Lets first understand what are explorers.

Google fundamentally changed how we browse the internet. Imagine this: how frequently do you tell someone to Bing something? Not that often. You say “Google it” since the search engine has become nearly indispensable in our day-to-day Internet browsing. The search function has been adopted by almost every website. Look at the top of Amazon’s homepage. Have you noticed the massive search bar that takes up half of the top banner? It’s impossible to miss!

Search functions, advanced query searches, and explorers are synonyms. They achieve the same advantages and goals. Having a good search function is as important as the underlying CMS or design. Nothing is more catastrophic than a visitor leaving your website irritated after a few minutes because they cannot find the needed information or goods, even if you have them.

What are the advantages of having an explorer?

Here are 5 advantages behind having search explorers:

  1. Find products faster

It is especially important to invest in a good explorer if you operate an online store where you sell a variety of products. The main advantage for users is efficiency and comfort. They dont have to navigate through individual categories to find what they are looking for. This can be done by utilizing your explorer. Having a good explorer tend to come equipped with autocomplete or comprehensive linguistics. Even if the user types the product name wrong, the explorer will direct them properly. Think of this as an in-house, round-the-clock and automated sales assistant.

  1. Knowing what the customer wants

Explorers help you collect customer data. This data is a goldmine when evaluated strategically. For example, explorers can show businesses which topics their customer base is most interested in. This is valuable when considering targeted marketing and can help reduce ad costs by allowing recurring customers to be targeting more efficiently. This can also help businesses to efficient stockpile products by reflecting off search trends. This helps better align products to respective customer personas. Reduced costs and increased sales.

  1. Upsell

Professional explorers can suggest related topics, products or services. This is a great way to automate a business’s upsell strategies. If the user is logged in to the online store and has saved profile data that includes factors such as gender, age, and past sales, the search feature can sometimes give individual hit lists that are tailored to the visitor’s area of interest.

  1. Expand your reach

Explorers help expand a business’s potential customer base. Good explorers are built to facilitate multiple languages. If a french-speaking visitor is looking for a product, which may only be available in English, it can still be found using the explorer.

  1. Recurring/loyal customers

Online businesses are easier to set up due to lack of barriers to entry. Anyone can set up an online business. However, this also means that competition is fierce. Website visitors only spend a few minutes searching for the information or products they need. A few minutes is all a business has to convert. If customers dont find what they are looking for, best believe they are going to go to another competitors website.

The Freename Explorer has considered all its users needs and have a Web 3 domain/TLD dedicated explorer. Web 3 domain/TLDs are getting popular as adoption is increasing. For one, ICANN has no authority over Web 3 domains. This is helping empower users and businesses to build their web 3 identities and transition to web 3 domains/TLDs. Another reason behind why Web 3 TLDs/domains are becoming popular is because it is being viewed as a smart investments. Having a good website costs time and money. It is worthwhile to invest in a competent search function so that your expenses are not in vain and your website visitors return willingly.

A strong explorer can become an useful USP for the online business owner, differentiating you from your competition. It ensures that website visitors find what they need more quickly and that the path to purchase is even easier.