Domains and Purpose

In this week’s blog post we will cover what types of domain names to buy based on the purpose of the domain name.

In the prior post, we talked about the types of domain names that you may want to buy, including short domain names and keyword domain names. 

So you always want to be thinking about buying a short name with easy-to-recognize and easy-to-spell keywords, but then you also want to think about why your customers are buying the domain name from you in your top-level domain.

Sometimes your top-level domain name can be very broad or generic, and sometimes it can be very specific. Specific top-level domains make sense especially when you’re dealing with high-value or luxury items, or those items that have an active market in the cryptocurrency and web3 investor space.

You may also think about small niches that can be valuable if the demographics of the people interested in the subject match up with the demographics of web3 and crypto investors.

So if your top-level domain name is based upon the subject of the word you can have words like green or sports or real estate which are very broad and apply to millions of people globally.

Because these markets are huge, owning some of the top keywords in these markets can make valuable domain names. But at the same time, these markets are heavily marketed and have many channels which connect companies and customers.

Sometimes you can do better in the web3 space by focusing on TLDs in a specific industry or specific use case. An example would be NFTs or wallets or digital identities. Even though they are not as large a market as some of the above keywords, the penetration, and awareness in the web 3 space can still make them attractive domain names and TLDs.

So many times the purpose of your domain name or the purpose of your top-level domain is to be catchy and easy to remember so that people can use it on social media and in web3 identities and smart contracts to either gain prestige, ease of remembrance, and type-ability. A good or scarce domain name also adds the appearance of being the dominant company or player in the space.

So if you come up with a really attractive digital identity or digital wallet TLD, you can brand your top-level domain as mywallet or myidentity and you can build a network of people that all have their own personal domain name and their personal identity left of the dot, with your easy to remember and prestigious top-level domain right of the dot.

Another purpose of your top-level domain name can be to bring together a community based upon people that all share the same last name, all live in the same city, or all have the same interest or hobbies.

When you’re thinking about buying a top-level domain name you usually prefer the singular version of the word to the plural version. At the same time, you also want to use a word that’s normally seen at the end of a combination of two words, rather than the beginning.

 An example would be if you wanted to use a brandable version of the word shop, .Shoppe  it would make sense to have this word at the end of a domain name like toys.shoppe and sports.shoppe.  At the same time if you were using the word shoppe in this brandable form as a domain name you might want to use the plural such as or


By Page Howe