On Freename you can register and mint custom Web3 TLDs on your favorite blockchain. TLD stands for Top Level Domain which is the word after the “.” (e.g. in, “.com” is the TLD)

Why should you get a Web3 TLD?

Recognition is key, get your own unique Web3 naming space

Sell the rights to use your name space

Web3 Identity
Credentials, Wallets, NFTs all under one name, your name.


A Web3 Domain can be your online personal identity and your wallet name: it is a form of NFT that you can use for payments as well as Web3 services and websites.
Freename allows you to create, mint and use these TLDs and domain names for web3 applications.


With Freename TLDs you unlock the potential of being a Web3 Registry yourself. Once you own a TLD, you can activate royalties, so that when other users register a domain on it, you will receive 50% of the transaction.


Registering a trademark on your Freename Web3 TLD can allow you to juridically protect your web3 TLD as well your logo worldwide.