Freename Update: Chiara Mortaroli joins the team

Freename is pleased to announce that Chiara Mortaroli has joined the team as Senior Social Media Manager with a focus both on social media and community.

1) Hello Chiara and welcome, how would you describe yourself in a nutshell?

Strong opinionated, restless, loyal and creative.

2) What is your professional background?

I hold a Master’s degree in Marketing Management, which I acquired in New York City, where I subsequently spent a decade gaining professional experience. Throughout my career, I have served as a senior social media manager for multiple direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, honing my expertise in the field.

3) What inspired you to join the Freename team?

The founders of Freenames truly inspired me, and to be completely transparent, I was captivated by the fact that they operate within the niche of WEB3, an area I wasn’t extensively familiar with. While marketing techniques and social media best practices can be applied to any brand offering products or services, I found the prospect of working on something slightly outside my comfort zone to be intriguing.

4) What fears did you have before joining the company?

What fascinated me the most was also the very aspect that presented a challenge, although I wouldn’t necessarily say it scared me. It was the fact that FREENAME operates within a niche where my experience is not extensive.

5) What are you currently involved in at Freename?

At present, my focus lies in restructuring and strengthening the social media strategy, while also overseeing the graphic design department to ensure the creation of optimized-for-socialmedia-platforms content.

6) What do you think are the three strongest aspects of Freename with a newcomer’s look?

1. It offers more than just TLDs; it unlocks boundless opportunities. 2. Its team is incredibly dedicated, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. 3. Its unwavering commitment lies in fostering a thriving community.

7) What benefits do you feel you bring to the growth of the company?

With confidence, I offer a fresh perspective on social media strategy techniques and a determined commitment to delivering the best possible user experience to our followers. My experience has endowed me with intuition and transparency, recognizing that building a loyal, and responsive social media community requires consistency, value, and inspiring aesthetics of the highest caliber.

8) Thank you Chiara for this interview! If our community has any questions for you, they can contact you via email at [email protected]?

Absolutely, or they can tweet at @chiarabahbum, I am the one with the bowl of lemons in the profile picture.