Partner up with Freename

Freename’s partnership program gives selected businesses
the opportunity to receive their own branded TLD (aka top-level domain, i.e. .COMPANYNAME) at no cost nor efforts.

Create a Web3 Brand Identity

● Marketing efficiency: your brand on web3
● Grow your community
● Branded TLDs are practical, intuitive and more memorable than traditional TLDs

Brand your Emails

Give branded emails to your employees and collaborators.
When your emails looks good, your business looks good too!


Generate Passive Income

People can register their domain with your brand TLD (eg: Jade.YOURCOMPANY)
you will earn from each of these registrations
without lifting a finger

Manage Customers

Allow your customers to access your platform, website, services, real and virtual events (or, why not, metaverses!) through their Freename domain.

Why partner with us?


Is as simple as it sounds,
you don't have to spend a cent.


Implementation and deployment
takes just one week

What it means for your Customers

As well as being able to access your services, any customer with a Freename domain will be able to:

  • Send money to a recipient’s crypto wallet by simply entering the his/her domain name.
  • Create and host decentralized websites.
  • Use one name for all socials, without anyone being able to claim it for them.

At the same time they will advertise your TLD and Brand!

Want to become our Partner?


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