Embracing Web3: Freename's Experience at Dubai Domain Days 

As a prominent player in the web3 domain space, Freename has been making waves with its innovative approach to blockchain-based domain names, carving a niche in the decentralized web ecosystem. And recently, we made our presence in the industry even more prominent as we attended the highly anticipated event – Domain Days Dubai 2023.

Join us for a quick recap of our active participation and memorable experiences in the event. We explore the highlights, insights, and experiences gained during our time at Domain Days Dubai. Read on as we unravel this exciting journey in the dynamic, fast-growing landscape of web3 domains.

Domain Days Dubai 2023 Overview

Domain Days Dubai 2023 was a two-day conference held in Dubai on the 1st and 2nd of November, 2023. The event’s main purpose was to cover various aspects of the domain industry. Some of those were domain name registration and management, auctions, investing, parking, and monetization strategies.

It served as a platform for experts worldwide to discuss the latest trends in the domain industry and gain insights into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The conference provided rich and actionable insights.  Overall, it was a valuable opportunity for networking, collaboration, and business discussions in the domains of hosting and cloud sectors.

Recap and Highlights of Freename’s Presence at Domain Days Dubai

Even though web3 is gaining plenty of traction, it’s still in its infancy. So, heading to the event, we had two primary objectives:

  • Drawing attention to Freename and Web3 domains
  • Gaining valuable insights and knowledgeable info from other key players in the industry

And our overall experience at the event definitely surpassed expectations. Here’s a quick recap of the important events that unfolded at Domain Days Dubai 2023.

1. Freename’s Fantastic Four

Freename rolled in style at the event, with Eleonora Bellotto leading the charge as the Head of Partnerships. Federico Drei, the Product Manager, brought his expertise. At the same time, Siful Moni, the Customer Success Manager, and Sam Izard, the Web3 Content and Partnerships guru, completed our dream team to represent Freename at the event. 

2. Star-studded Attendee List

The who’s who of the domain world graced the event. Notable companies like AE Server, co-founded by the event organizer Munir Badr, Sedo, InternetX, dn.com, and UltraHost, added their flair to the dynamic atmosphere, bringing rich expertise and industry experience.

3. Exclusive Dinner with Team Internet CEO

We didn’t just attend the event as a formality; we spent considerable effort networking like pros. As such, one of the highlights of the event for us was our exclusive dinner with Michael Riedl, CEO of Team Internet (formerly CentralNic), where ideas flowed as smoothly as the conversations.

Team Internet is a reputed digital marketing and internet infrastructure solutions provider. They also deal with domain registry, among many other solutions, which served as the common ground for both our organizations. Apart from the delicious meal and unique cuisines, the focal point of our dinner was to discuss and casually talk about the growth and future web3 domains and the vision of a decentralized, blockchain-powered internet.

Unveiling Future Horizons

As Freename continues to navigate the evolving landscape of web3 domains, our experience at Domain Days Dubai 2023 has equipped us with even more knowledge and experience to navigate our journey. The connections forged, insights gained, and collaborative spirit fostered at the event set the stage for our continued innovation and leadership in the decentralized web space.

Our participation in Domain Days Dubai 2023 elevated our presence in the industry and gave us a platform to build meaningful connections, engage in impactful discussions, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the web3 domain space.