Many people are misinformed on how to register any Web3 domain which are DNS addresses like Web2 domains. The only difference is that it’s based on blockchain technology, allowing users to establish and maintain their personalized domains.

However, these domains have a uniqueness that crosses into the cryptocurrency verse. They reflect the wallets of users. For example, check out the .nft decentralized crypto domain names which may be traded on NFT marketplaces or platforms. Other domain names include .eth, .token, .defi, .lambo, .nft, and others. 

This article will go through all you need to know in order to register any Web3 domain name. This process will be applicable when you visit a domain registrar that supports the service, such as Freename.

What is Freename?

If you are interested in a company that allows you to look for and register/mint any TLD, then you should anticipate Freename. This platform has a lot of added value and one of them is its royalty. If your chosen TLD does not exist before registering it, you automatically activate “Royalties.” From there on, you begin to earn money for each domain that is subsequently registered with that TLD (passive income).

In addition, you can also purchase second-level domains with traditional or other TLDs already existing on Freename. Also, you can make payments with either Metamask or credit cards. It also supports the use of Binance and Cronos platforms.

You can get NFTs domains with newly generated TLDs. Freename has a lot of benefits like no renewal costs, 100 percent user ownership, and the ability to be used as a cryptocurrency wallet address. If you are already excited about this platform, anticipate its launch in September for use in both mobile and desktop versions

How to mint your web3 TLD on Freename

To mint a Web3 TLD, you may need to visit [] website. It has a multichain approach that allows users to mint the TLD of their choice. Freename uses a dot-separated, right-to-left hierarchical naming structure to convert computer identifiers into names humans can understand.

In addition, Freename has programs that provide access to your cryptocurrency wallet. To register or mint your Freename TLD, you will need a wallet and cryptocurrency of your choice. It supports Polygon, Cronos, and Binance. You can set up your cryptocurrency wallet without spending any money.

Important details that you ought to know about Freename

  • You can mint and own your favorite Web3 TLD. In addition, you are entitled to Royalties whenever your created TLD is used to create a new domain. 
  • You are the owner of your domain name. There’s no need to pay a renewal fee to keep it. 
  • Your Freename domain can also function as your traditional Web2 websites. You do not need to have coding skills to achieve it. This website can be integrated into places like Shopify, and other platforms.

How to register your Freename username

You should start by locating a domain/username on Web3 that is not already used or a TLD of your choice. Afterward, you’ll need to have enough cryptocurrency or FIAT currencies in your wallet to cover the cost of minting the TLD if you want an unregistered one, or just go ahead to pay for your domain. All you just have to do is make the one-time payment.

In addition, your Freename domain name can be linked to your wallet address, and you can even designate a custom image or NFT to represent yourself online.  


Web3 is a very modern umbrella word for various forms of decentralized networks and applications, including but not limited to blockchains, cryptocurrencies, DeFi (decentralized finance), NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), and more.

Moreover, there is a need to register any Web3 domain if you’d like to access the special features of Web3. So, which domain name would it be? 


Start your Web3 journey with Freename TLDs and Domains. Sign up now and get a welcome coupon code of 10$ on your first purchase. 

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