Freename Partners With MeetwithWallet: The Web3 Calendly

Freename and MeetwithWallet have joined forces to create the Web3 Calendly. This revolutionary scheduling tool integrates decentralized identity and blockchain technology. The partnership addresses the challenges of scheduling in a decentralized environment. It offers identity verification, secure data sharing, and scheduling functionalities.

The Web3 Calendly ensures verified participants and data privacy through decentralized identity systems and blockchain technology. It provides businesses with customizable features to optimize scheduling processes and establish trusted connections. This collaboration sets a new standard for decentralized scheduling applications. It also paves the way for a future where decentralized identity and blockchain redefine how we manage our schedules.

How To Set Up Meeting With MeetwithWallet

Open your MeetwithWallet account

  •       Go to account details
  •       Provide the required information such as Display name (optional) but you can find the name with for your use.
  •       Then, you can also add a description of yourself which is also optional.
  •   Afterwards, you can link your social media handles like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Providing this information isn’t compulsory.
  •       When you are done providing the information needed, save details.

The next is to set up your availability and customize timeslots

  •       Set up your Timezone
  •       Then, your availability with the corresponding time.
  •       Remember to save your information when you are done.

The 3rd process is to set up meeting time

  •       Setup all that needs to be fixed.

The 4th process is to set up Notification settings

  •       Enable email notifications and affix your email address where applicable
  •       You can also enable your Discord account to receive notifications.
  •       Also, there is an option for push notification protocols.
  •       Save your preference when you are done.

The final process is to set up Token gate

  •       This is where you add calendars.
  •   There are several calendars that you can synchronize. They include Office 365, Google, iCloud, WebDAV.

To see your meeting lineups, go to many meetings. If you want to add a new meeting, you can click the New Meeting icon and provide all the necessary information like participants, durations, when, and information (optional). Then, you can use Huddie, a web3 meeting platform, for your meeting. You will get a link. Once you are done, schedule your meeting.

Copy and share the meeting link with the concerned parties. You can share it via several platforms.

Freename Integrates MeetwithWallet: What Is the Importance of the Collaboration

The integration of Freename and MeetWithWallet marks a significant milestone in the realm of decentralized scheduling and identity management. This collaboration holds great importance as it brings together the strengths of both platforms. With the collaboration, they create a powerful solution that addresses the challenges faced in the Web3 ecosystem.

Decentralized Identity

The collaboration between Freename and MeetWithWallet emphasizes the importance of decentralized identity. Freename, a leading platform in this space, offers robust infrastructure. This allows for the establishment of unique digital identities and verifying participants securely on the blockchain. Freename integrates MeetWithWallet and provides blockchain-based scheduling solutions. The collaboration ensures that scheduling requests and appointments are carried out with verified identities. It eliminates the risk of impersonation and enhances trust within the ecosystem.

Data Privacy and Ownership

Freename integrates MeetWithWallet collaboration addresses other critical aspects. MeetWithWallet’s blockchain technology expertise enables users to have full control over their personal information. With the integration of Freename, users can choose what data to share and with whom. It ensures that sensitive information remains secure and accessible only to authorized parties. This empowers individuals to protect their privacy while engaging in seamless scheduling interactions.

Valuable Resources

The partnership between Freename and MeetWithWallet also holds immense value for businesses and organizations operating in the Web3 space. The Web3 Calendly, resulting from the Freename integrates MeetWithWallet’s collaboration.

It offers a range of customizable features that allow companies to optimize their scheduling processes. They can also establish trusted connections with clients and partners. By incorporating this solution into their workflows, businesses can increase efficiency. They can also streamline scheduling operations, and build strong relationships within the decentralized ecosystem.

A New Standard

Freename integrates MeetWithWallet collaboration sets a new standard for decentralized scheduling applications. As the world embraces Web3 technologies and blockchain-based solutions, the integration of Freename and MeetWithWallet showcases the potential of decentralized identity.

It also includes blockchain transforming how we manage our schedules. It paves the way for a future where decentralized identity and trustless interactions redefine traditional scheduling practices.


The partnership between Freename and MeetwithWallet to create the Web3 Calendly represents a groundbreaking collaboration. It addresses the challenges of scheduling in a decentralized environment.

By integrating decentralized identity and blockchain technology, this collaboration offers verified participants, data privacy, and customizable features for businesses. It sets a new standard for decentralized scheduling applications. It also demonstrates the potential of decentralized identity and blockchain in revolutionizing scheduling practices.

The Web3 Calendly opens up new possibilities for individuals and businesses. It paves the way for a future where secure scheduling redefines how we manage our schedules in the Web3 ecosystem.