What are freename TLDs?

Purchasing a TLD on Freename allows you to own and operate your own Web3 online business.

The benefits of owning a TLD are many but I wanted to highlight three main categories of benefits.

 You can use your TLD to earn revenue from selling second-level domains to customers looking for your top-level domain, and customers that you bring in through advertising to buy second-level domains on your TLD

You earn 50% of the amount paid for domain names in your TLD as a revenue share if you have signed up for the royalties program.

 You can promote your TLD with a common domain name on the web, and use links to build a system that points people to the free name website where they can register domains.  You can capture leads directly before sending people ot the registration page.

In the coming months, we are also adding an affiliate program where if people come to the Free name site from your links and purchase other TLD or domain names, you participate in the revenue.

The second way you can benefit from owning a TLD is to build and operate a community of like-minded or geographically similar people worldwide who all have your TLD in common.

 This can be an enjoyable Community and you gain the joy and other benefits of the network effect of having members all around the globe in different countries, socio-economic conditions, ages, and lifestyles.

 So besides revenue and enjoyment you can also use your TLD to build a community that can help you earn new revenues in the real world or other online business.

For instance if you had the top level domain name. .Nomads and you were able to build a community of people that were all interested in being digital nomads,  you could also potentially sell guides, travel and job sharing products; or use an affiliate program from another Nomad business.

These are only three of many ways that you can use your TLD to earn money and receive other benefits online. 

In the next blog post I’ll talk to you about the things you can do to help build your community and specifically grow your revenue from owning a TLD.