Freename Update: Habeba Elmahy joins the team

Freename is pleased to announce that Habeba Elmahy has joined the team as Community Manager.

1. Hello Habeba and welcome, how would you describe yourself in a nutshell?

Hi there! Creative, flexible, and resilient❣️ 

2. What is your professional background? 

I managed social media channels for local communities related to mental health and activism, then I jumped into the web3 space with Excellerate; where I was creating content and managing social channels for the beautiful community! 

3. What inspired you to join the Freename team?

The founders + the amazing team + the vision = inspirational 🔥 

4. What fears did you have before joining the company? 

Despite already being involved with web3 communities, the domain world felt intimidating to me. 

5. What are you currently involved in at Freename? 

At present, I’m mainly involved with community management and helping with content creation! 

6. What do you think are the three strongest aspects of Freename with a newcomer’s look? 

Vision. Authenticity. Team. 

7. What benefits do you feel you bring to the growth of the company? 

Being involved within the niche web3 community and my ability to put myself in the user’s seat has provided me with the ability to connect with the community with empathy and great problem-solving skills. 

8. Thank you Habeba for this interview! If our community has any questions for you, they can contact you via email at [email protected]

Of course, I’d be more than happy to have a chat, so please don’t shy away! You could also reach me though LinkedIn @

Learn more about Habeba’s story in this introduction video!