Freename <> Young Platform

Partnership between the world’s favourite Web3 domain provider, Freename, and Europe’s leading online cryptocurrency exchange, Young Platform.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. That is why two companies, Freename and Young Platform, have recently teamed up. The partnership was signed by Andrea Ferrero, Co-Founder and CEO of Young Platform, and Davide Vicini, Founder and CEO of Freename. The agreement will allow more than 1.5 million people in Italy, present within the Young Platform ecosystem to search for and shop Web3 domains directly on Young Platform’s app.

What it consists in

The partnership takes the form of a simple yet powerful integration which allows users to search for domains, evaluate its price, and decide whether to purchase it, directly on Young Platform’s website.

The native integration will work through a search bar that will allow users to view a list of results based on the keyword entered. This means that users can search for specific keywords or phrases and see all the available domains related to their search. Once a user has found a domain they are interested in, they can click on the “Buy” button, which will redirect them to the site to complete the purchase.

This new integration increases the number of use cases for Young Platform users and develops the ecosystem by creating a simple bridge between the two platforms.

> Web 2 registrars. Why?

There are two characteristics that make Freename’s web3 domains more powerful over web2 domains, but even unique against other web3 registrars.

  • Full Ownership: Your domain, your property. You have complete ownership after you mint your domain. Indeed, by having data sovereignty you are the only one with the right to decide who or what can access your data, what data they want to share with certain apps, and how it is used. Think of using the same NFT on any marketplace, game, or application, even on different blockchains…
  • Passive income: Unlike other Web 3 registrars, helps you to mint a TLD and earn royalties from it. One of the goal is to buy something that can be popular, like “.metaverse”. Like this, future firms will likely buy a domain on this TLD. If they do, you earn 50% of the transaction because of Freename’s Royalty License (embedded in their smart contract). Already have a TLD? Learn how to activate your royalties .

The added benefits for Young Platform’s users

The major benefit of this integration is that it will now be possible for Young Platform users to send and receive cryptocurrencies via domains instead of wallet addresses. In fact, Freename Web3 domains function simultaneously as a wallet address, and a universal username to access the decentralized web. This can be a significant improvement over “traditional” crypto transactions, which require users to enter long and complicated alphanumerical wallet addresses that are difficult to remember. With Freename domains, Young Platform users now simply need to enter a short and easy-to-remember domain name, thus making crypto transactions much simpler.

The second good news is that Young Platform has introduced promo codes for its Young Club members, which will give them access to discounted domain purchases:

  • Bronze club members can purchase domains for $100,
  • Silver club members for $130,
  • Gold club members for $180,
  • Platinum club members for $220.

This can be viewed as a great incentive for Young Platform users to sign up for the Young Club program, and take advantage of the discounted domain prices!

Why this partnership matters

Overall, the partnership between Freename and Young Platform is an exciting development for the crypto world. It demonstrates the power of innovation and collaboration in driving the industry forward. With more companies working together to create new and innovative solutions, the future of cryptocurrency looks brighter than ever. The integration of Freename domains with Young Platform is just one example of how two companies, by simply joining forces, can create something truly positive for crypto adoption.

is a Web3 domain registrar that leverages blockchain to provide users with unique domain names and financial rewards. As seen, Web3 domains can be used to send and receive cryptocurrencies without having to use long and complicated wallet addresses. That is how could be a game-changer in the world of crypto transactions, as it makes sending and receiving cryptocurrencies as easy as sending an email. Freename is also gaining wide popularity and is becoming the top Web3 registrar due to the innovative TLD royalties which, unlike with other Web 3 registrars, allows you to create a TLD and earn royalties from it. The idea is simple: let’s say you buy something that can be popular, such as “.metaverse”. Future businesses are likely to purchase a domain under this TLD. Because of Freename’s Royalty License, you will receive 50% of the transaction (which is embedded in their smart contract).

Young Platform, on the other hand, is Europe’s leading cryptocurrency exchange app that allows users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features that make it easy for beginners and experienced traders alike to use. With the integration of Freename’s web3 domain resolver, Young Platform users will now be able to search for and purchase a domain directly from the app. Young Platform has become a popular name both for many crypto-veterans and -novices, now positioned as the most recommended European entry point for the cryptocurrency market and now has more than 1.5 million registered users. Additionally, the company is financially strong as last June, Young Platform closed a €16 million investment round led by Italy’s top investor, Azimut.

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