Get started with Freename Trademarks

After you’ve purchased your TLD, to earn the most money from royalties what you want to do is to get the most registrations of domain names in your TLD.

In the Web3 world there may be many new and different ways to provide extra value for owners in your top level domain space, very similar to NFT projects.

You have probably already envisioned that a lot of people based upon the sound and prestige and strength of your TLD will want to have a good domain name in your space.
For instance if you own “.Metaverse”, it makes sense that people will want to earn “Gaming.Metaverse”, “poker.Metaverse”, “Michael.Metaverse” or “Paris.Metaverse”.

Beside the fact that you can create cool domain names in your top level domain you can also do other things to create demand for domain names and your TLD.
The TLD under the royalties program becomes a way to collect rents and revenue from people that belong to your Community or Club. In the real world sometimes it’s hard to profit from being a source of inspiration we’re leaving a group of people in a certain direction. Some people have to rely on tips or voluntary contributions to pay them for creating something wonderful.

Everybody who owns a domain name and your name space can operate and control their own content and identity on their own domain name. But the more you can make owning a domain name in your name space attractive in other ways, the more registrations and revenue you may earn.

So one of the things you can do is to create a sense of community where-by either because of interaction in chat rooms or online, creating a forum or a way for people to share ideas and investment strategies, or just share a community of Interest around a certain topic; people want to be part of your namespace. They can identify themselves with their domain name, and interact and receive benefits.

The next way you can use your namespace to create value is to offer additional goods and services and perks to members of your namespace. For instance you might offer custom graphics or logos, are you may offer contest surprises, or specific information or tip or ideas or access to special programs or introductions to others in the group.

So besides the attractiveness of an easy to remember and prestigious domain name, adding additional benefits to your top level domain may give you increased registrations and increase Revenue.