Do you need guidance on acquiring a domain name? The specific procedures are detailed here for your convenience. If you’re struggling with your first website, marketing campaign, or even a webpage to discuss your interest, this article has you covered.

Registering a domain name could seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. Despite this, it’s surprisingly simple. In this piece, we will explain registering a domain name and evaluate many popular services in this space (services that allow you to buy and register domain names). Let’s get right to it!

What is a domain name?

When people want to visit your website, they type in its domain name. For instance,, our domain name. When it comes to the internet, nothing is more important than your domain name. It’s a simple approach to let people know who’s in charge of each site.

Domains may seem an essential part of the web now, but they weren’t always there. IP addresses were used for Internet protocol (IP)-based website navigation before 1983. Every electronic gadget connected to the internet has a unique IP address.

The Domain Name System (DNS) was created in 1983 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to solve the difficulty of remembering IP addresses. To purchase a domain name on web3, there’s not much need to be familiar with the DNS technology. 

When registering a domain, it’s important to understand a few basic concepts. Among these are:

2 perspectives to consider when choosing a name (before registering a domain)

These steps might sound like something out of a web2 book but they have their use in web3 also. There are a lot of upcoming applications of web3 that are yet to function. You just have to be prepared and this is how:

The importance of the domain name should be obvious even to those who have never tried to learn the ins and outs of domain registration. You should answer a few questions before continuing with the practical registration.

Regarding the naming, there are two angles to consider:

Human Perspective

Selecting a memorable and user-friendly domain name is a smart move. Choosing a name that is easy to read, write, and remember when registering a domain is crucial.

Don’t let yourself be caught in the “ambiguous domains” trap. Domains are said to be ambiguous if they produce alternative interpretations accidentally.

Brand’s Perspective

You need to quickly communicate your identity and purpose to the people who frequent the internet if you want to succeed at what you do.

It follows that if you intend to use your domain registration for promotional purposes, your chosen name must be one that:

So, what next after you have gotten your domain name? You should consider trademarking it.

What is a trademark?

Once a trademark has been registered, it belongs to the firm or entity that originally owned it. You have the right to take legal action against anyone who uses it without your permission.

As a tool fundamental to determining the market differential, a brand is characterized by signs or symbols that aim to distinguish between products or services that act as economic agents in the same market so that the consumer can differentiate the products and/or services offered when they serve the same or similar purpose. This helps consumers determine the product’s origin and prevents third parties, good or bad, from piggybacking on the product’s success.

In summary, the trademark does the following:

What’s the trademark of your Web3 TLDs on

Freename Web3 TLD trademark registration provides legal protection for your domain name and logo worldwide.

For six months after you submit your trademark application to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (, your Web3 TLD will be safeguarded everywhere around the globe.

You can choose which countries to register your Web3 TLD protection in after your trademark has been accepted and registered by the IGE.

Freename trademark service: how does it work?

To apply for a trademark, get in touch with our trademark department, and they will be happy to help you immediately. To trademark a domain name, you must provide a Know your customer (KYC), a list of the TLDs you wish to trademark, and proof of payment.

Your trademark can be filed to the IGE/IPI for review and receive 6-months of protection worldwide in as little as a week. The Swiss trademark service fee begins at $1,500 for a single mark.


Check out today and safeguard your unique domain name. Freename offers the best domain name trademark option at the most affordable price. Once your domain has been trademarked, there is no way a third party can duplicate it. It saves you the stress of impersonation.