The Union of Web2 and Web3 with WebUnited

Web3 domains have been making quite a buzz as they pave the way for decentralized Internet and digital ownership. But web2 domains still dominate the Internet that we know and use, and these domains are not going away soon. The objective of web3 is not to completely replace web2 but to serve as an alternative to the traditional domain system.

In this regard, Freename is making a huge stride by launching a joint venture with ShortDot, a reputed top-level domain (TLD) registrar. This joint venture bridges the gap between web2 and web3 technologies, allowing both sides to leverage each other’s strengths and benefits. Read on to learn more about how this partnership can shape the future of the World Wide Web.

Freename and ShortDot – A Strategic Partnership

Ever since the release of web3, Freename has carved a reputation as one of the best platforms to purchase and own web3 TLDs. On the other hand, ShortDot – a subsidiary of My Commodity SA, is a well-known web2 domain registrar, offering a wide range of TLD extensions such as .icu, .bond, .cfd, and more.

So, what exactly does their partnership mean, and what is WebUnited?

WebUnited – The Bridge between Web2 and Web3

The joint venture by Freename and ShortDot, Webunited offers various services that seamlessly bridge the gap between web2 and web3 domains.

Freename has been working towards building a robust web3 ecosystem, which involves different platforms and decentralized applications (dApps) for payments, emails, video conferencing, website building, and much more. Now, by joining hands with ShortDot, they are enabling web2 domains to become a part of this ecosystem.

WebUnited offers two major services:

1.   Domain Mirroring Service

With the domain mirroring service, web2 registrars can mirror their entire domains on the blockchain, essentially decentralizing the domains and leveraging the robust security of blockchain technology. These mirrored domains can be offered through web2 registrars, making them more accessible for people interested in web3 domains.

This initiative aims to seamlessly integrate traditional Internet domains with the decentralized Web3 environment, opening up new domain registration and management possibilities.

2.   API Integration

WebUnited offers unique APIs that can be integrated by web2 registrars, which enables them to offer web3 domains on their platform. Since web3 is still in a budding phase, there are not as many registrars and platforms offering web2 domains.

In contrast, there are countless reputed web2 domain registrars who have been offering domains for years or even decades. With WebUnited’s API, such web2 registrars can also integrate web3 domains into their platform, making such domains more accessible for people. Once they start offering such domains, the API enables them to manage registrations for web3 domains.

The Impact of WebUnited’s Innovative Solution

By uniting both web2 and web3 domains, WebUnited presents huge potential shortly. Here’s how it can impact the digital landscape:

  • Web3 domains will become more popular and easily accessible if web2 registries can also offer web3 domains on their platform.
  • Web2 domains can be mirrored on the blockchain, thus adapting the underlying infrastructure of web3 domains. That means existing websites can also connect with other web3 applications and become a part of the web3 ecosystem.

Consider all the businesses that have been running their website for years. These web2 domains have worked for many years to build traffic and brand image with these websites. If such businesses were to be interested in web3, they can’t just start over with new domains on blockchain.

With WebUnited, many such businesses can seamlessly transfer their domains to web3 to connect with web3 email services, secure crypto payments, and other useful services.

The Impact of WebUnited on Stakeholders

The collaboration between Freename and ShortDot, resulting in WebUnited, has the potential to reshape the digital landscape and provide significant advantages to various stakeholders.

  • Businesses and Website Owners: For businesses that have established their online presence with web2 domains, this partnership is a game-changer. They can seamlessly transition to web3, unlocking a world of possibilities.
  • Web Domain Registrars: Web2 domain registrars can benefit from WebUnited by expanding their service offerings. With domain mirroring on the blockchain and API integration, they can attract a broader customer base interested in web3 domains.
  • Web3 Enthusiasts and Developers: Web3 proponents benefit from this partnership as it facilitates easier access to web3 domains. The integration of web3 domains into established web2 platforms makes the transition to the decentralized web more accessible and attractive to developers and enthusiasts.
  • General Internet Users: As web3 domains become more readily available, the average internet user may experience a more secure and user-centric online experience. The integration of web3 domains with web2 websites opens up opportunities for enhanced security, privacy, and user control.


The union of Web2 and Web3 through WebUnited represents a significant step in the evolution of the Internet. While Web3 domains promise decentralization and digital ownership, Web2 domains continue to dominate. Freename’s partnership with ShortDot, resulting in WebUnited, serves as a bridge between these two worlds.

This innovative solution brings both worlds together, fostering a future where the traditional and decentralized web coexist, ensuring a more inclusive and versatile digital landscape for all stakeholders.