Utilities of Freename Domains 

Are you curious about the utility of Freename domains? Web3 domains are not only a wonderful investment opportunity, but they have numerous other applications too. Moreover, Freename is also running a lucrative offer you won’t like to miss. So, what are we talking about? Let’s find out.

But before that:

What is Freename?

Freename provides Web3 domains. Web3 domains refer to domain names linked to the Web3 ecosystem. Unlike Web2, Web3 is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to remove centralized technologies that have full control over the internet, like Google, GoDaddy, and more.

How do web3 domains differ from web2 domains? Web2 domains are governed by one centralized body – ICANN, i.e., the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. Web3 domains, on the other hand, are next-generation domain names built on blockchain technology. Web3 domains are governed by a decentralized authority. They currently operate on decentralized blockchain technologies like Binance, Aurora, Polygon, and Cronos. However, more blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Near, Solana, and others will be added soon.

Moreover, a Freename domain doesn’t include a monthly or yearly renewal fee. It includes a one-time fee and is free to use forever after that.

Uses of Freename Domains

Not too convinced yet as to why you should use Freename domains? The use of Freename domains goes far beyond the use of general TLDs. Here are some of its utilities:

Web3 browser extension

You can buy a domain name with a one-time fee on existing TLDs owned by others like .metaverse, .usa, or .india. You can also acquire and build your own community and mint your own TLD with prices starting at $79. As the TLD owner, you earn 50% of revenues from domain names bought in your TLD. Freename has recently launched the Web3 browser extension that enables users to add it to the browser of their choice.

Currently, the Web3 browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Users can add it to their preferred browser and navigate the web through it.

After adding the extension, it will be shown in the browser toolbar. Best of all, anyone who downloads the extension to see one TLD can now see all domain names and TLDs minted on the Freename platform.

Web3 Mail

Web3 email is another utility for using Freename domains. Freename has partnered with Ethermail to provide Web3 mail services for free.

Ethermail is a wallet-to-wallet communication tool that lets users send emails from one domain to another, linked to their respective blockchain wallets. This further ensures the anonymity and safety of the message.

Thus, the Web3 email utility features protection from phishing attacks, spam, and other privacy concerns. All the Ethermail features, like syncing with popular email apps, an autopilot contact list, and a campaign builder, also tag along.

Web3 Website Builder

Using Freename domains will also provide users with direct access to the Web3 website builder. Freename has partnered with EDA, Eternal Digital Assets, to help you build a Web3 website within minutes.

If you already have a Freename Web3 domain, getting started with your new website is simple. You can even customize your website design with an EDA website builder. Thereafter, link your domain to it, host it on a decentralized web server, and it’s ready to launch on any web3-compatible browser of your choice like Brave, Opera, etc.

Web3 Video Conferencing

Freename domain users can also take advantage of Web3 video conferencing services. Freename has partnered with Huddle, a decentralized peer-to-peer video conferencing platform.

You can simply sign in using a crypto wallet like Metamask, Phantom, Okxwallet, Walletconnect, Kelpr, etc., on Huddle if you have a Freename domain. This utility is useful for businesses in facilitating seamless communication and collaboration with team members.

Web3 Whois

Users can use Web 3 WHOIS to get the latest information on Freename domains. You can type in a specific wallet address and/or type in any domain name to know if it’s available. It helps you explore Freename, Unstoppable, and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for popular TLDs. It also provides suggested TLDs and suggested domain + TLDs.

Freename crypto payments

Freename now allows you to send crypto payments via Freename domains through its browser extension. To get started, you only need to download the Freename extension. Next, connect your crypto wallet, select the network, select the currency, and enter the web3 domain of the receiver.

The Freename browser extension will automatically detect the wallet connected with the web3 domain, ask for confirmation, and voila! The payment will be sent.

Get 25% off on Freename Domains

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Freename domains come with a plethora of benefits. You can use them as browser extensions, web3 mail, video conferencing, and more. Freename has extended its utilities further and introduced the Web3 payment utility, adding icing to the cake. To celebrate this latest feature (Pay with Freename domains), Freename provides a 25% off coupon code applicable to Freename domains. Visit freename.iotoday to find your coupon.