WebUnited at ICANN78: Bridging Web2 and Web3

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, Freename made a significant impact at the ICANN78 Annual General Meeting in Hamburg, Germany, as they unveiled their groundbreaking joint venture with ShortDot, known as WebUnited. This event marks a pivotal moment in the domain industry, demonstrating the potential of WebUnited at ICANN78 to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

The Significance of the ICANN78 Annual General Meeting

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, organizes annual meetings where industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders gather to discuss and shape the future of the Internet. In fact, the ICANN78 General Meeting is one of the most prominent events in the domain industry, offering a platform for domain registrars, internet governance experts, and technology enthusiasts to share insights and innovations.

Freename: Showcasing the Promise of WebUnited at ICANN78

Freename, a leading web3 domain platform, was a also notable presence at ICANN78, introducing WebUnited, their collaborative effort with ShortDot. The introduction took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel next to the congress center. Federico Costa, CTO of Freename, demonstrated the groundbreaking functions made possible by the joint venture for the first time to the astonished crowd. The event also provided space for many fruitful conversations between key people from the domain industry in a relaxed atmosphere with food and music.

WebUnited is a bridge between the traditional Web2 and the decentralized Web3, offering a range of services that can transform the domain landscape. Here’s a glimpse of the scope and potential of WebUnited:

Domain Mirroring Service

Web2 registrars can now mirror their domains on the blockchain, decentralizing domains and fortifying them with blockchain’s formidable security. These mirrored domains then become accessible through Web2 registrars, opening new horizons for domain registration and management.

API Integration

A bridge between two worlds, WebUnited also offers unique APIs for Web2 registrars, enabling them to offer Web3 domains on their platforms. Thereupon, it’s a gateway that makes Web3 domains accessible to a broader audience and simplifies domain management.

The Impact of WebUnited

WebUnited has the potential to transform the digital landscape and benefit various stakeholders:

Businesses and Website Owners

For businesses with established online presence through Web2 domains, this partnership offers a game-changing opportunity. Finally, they can seamlessly transition to Web3, unlocking a world of possibilities, including secure crypto payments, web3 email services, and more.

Web Domain Registrars

Web2 domain registrars can expand their service offerings with WebUnited, attracting a broader customer base interested in Web3 domains. The ability to mirror domains on the blockchain and offer Web3 domains on their platform allows registrars to adapt to changing technologies, thus tapping into a potential market of customers eager to explore Web3 technology.

Web3 Enthusiasts and Developers

Overall, WebUnited acts as a bridge, allowing Web2 domains to integrate with Web3 technologies seamlessly. This expansion of the digital ecosystem creates new opportunities for developers. They can work on innovative projects that involve both Web2 and Web3, leading to a more versatile and interconnected digital landscape. The introduction of APIs also allows technical experts to access and work with Web3 domains and even build their own decentralized applications.

General Internet Users

As Web3 domains become more readily available, the average internet user may experience a more secure and user-centric online experience. Integrating Web3 domains with Web2 websites opens up opportunities for enhanced security, privacy, and user control.


The unveiling of WebUnited at ICANN78 represents a significant step in the evolution of the Internet. While Web3 domains promise decentralization and digital ownership, Web2 domains continue to dominate and are not going away anytime soon. But there’s no doubt that Web3 is here to enhance the internet experience alongside Web2 and not to replace it.

Freename’s partnership with ShortDot, resulting in WebUnited, serves as a bridge between these two worlds, fostering a future where the traditional and decentralized web coexist, ensuring a more inclusive and versatile digital landscape for all stakeholders. This groundbreaking initiative holds the promise of a more connected and innovative online world.