Why Freename Is Revolutionizing The Domain Name Industry

The global market for domain names is projected to reach a whopping size of about 745.5 million by the year 2030. And while the internet continues to boom, it is the web3 space that will be pushing this momentum. This will lead to further growth and innovation.

With the decentralized web becoming more and more mainstream, web3 domains are paving the way for a new and unique kind of online identity in the next generation of internet ecosystems. And guess who gets to be a premier player in this evolving space? Freename.

Freename provides a web3 domain name marketplace where you can buy and mint web3 domains, as well as top level-domains (TLDs).

Read on to know why this can be a huge opportunity for you.

What are Web3 Domains?

Web3 domains, called NFT domains, are specifically built to work with smart contracts and blockchain technology. Thus, they play a critical role in making the decentralized aspect of web3 more accessible, discoverable, and easy to manage. Unlike regular domain names, web3 domain names can be managed by any individual or organization that acts as decentralized domain registrars.

You can use web3 domains to identify any web3 asset. This can be NFTs, dApp services or decentralized websites, and more. Like traditional domain names, web3 domain names provide a human-readable name that can make navigating the decentralized web space much easier.

Advantages of Web3 Domains

The general purpose of a web3 domain remains to be the same as a traditional domain. However, it offers many more benefits when used on the Web3 ecosystems:

  • Web3 domains are managed by decentralized entities, thus removing the dependency on centralized domain systems
  • Unlike traditional domain names, they offer complete ownership over the domain names, where you have to renew and maintain your domain names regularly.
  • There is no censorship blocking the use of your preferred domain names in web3.
  • Web3 domain names can help you uniquely identify each dAPP service or decentralized content, unlike traditional domain names that can only link to a particular centralized website.
  • Web3 domain names are hosted on a decentralized network.
  • They provide better security since they are built using smart contracts and blockchain technology.

How Can You Use Web3 Domains?

If you are dabbling with any kind of project, service, or trading related to blockchain technology and dApps, you will want to use web3 domains. Web3 domains make it easier to find relevant services, build your own brand identity and discover digital assets like NFTs.

You can connect web3 domains to your crypto wallets or make it your digital business card. Use it as a secure way to authenticate your social media handles and improve your marketing in web3. The opportunities are simply limitless. You can even collect, trade, and earn profits by buying and upselling rare and unique web3 domains.

How Do You Get Your Own Web3 Domain?

There are multiple web3 domain name platforms in the market. And Freename emerges as a clear winner with its easy-to-use platform and amazing features that let you buy, sell, rent, and mint web3 domain names. Freename has access to many web3 domains and top-level domain names. Start trading in web3 domains now to get an early adopter advantage.

You have a wide range of options to choose from, and on top of that, Freename also provides you with suggestions on the top-ranking TLDs. Freename algorithms can provide you with apt domain name suggestions for your needs and the best pricing for the same. You also get assistance and guidance on how to trademark your web3 domain names. Moreover, learn about the Freename API and get tremendous support with everything related to managing your web3 domain.

Start exploring the Freename services today and get a head start on the next big thing on the internet.