How to Profit from Web3 Domain Speculation: Tactics and Insights

Web3 Domain Speculation Guide

It’s a bit of a wild ride, isn’t it? You’ve just bought a Web3 domain, you are ready to explore the world of Web3 domain speculation, and now you’re waiting to see if its value will skyrocket. Almost every domain investor has been in this position at some point. The outcome can vary greatly, thanks to the number of factors involved.

From choosing a domain that becomes highly sought after to finding yourself with a domain that no one else is interested in, Web3 domain speculation is full of surprises. The Web3 world doesn’t always give you clear signals about what will happen next.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the key aspects of speculation in the Web3 domain market and how to navigate them effectively.

What are Web3 Domains?

The odds are you already know what Web3 is. But web3 domains are a huge step away from the traditional system we’re all familiar with. Unlike the typical “.com or .net” domains, Web3 domains are built on blockchain technology.

Why does this matter?

For starters, Web3 domains offer enhanced security. Because they’re decentralized, they’re less prone to hacking and censorship. You never have to worry about your domain being taken down by a central authority. That’s a significant leap forward in terms of ownership and control.

It is also the new internet age equivalent of digital real estate. You can have a simple, easily accessible domain name like “yourname.eth” in place of the complex wallet addresses that your cryptocurrencies use. Along with simplifying transactions, this creates a whole new field for online branding and identification.

If you’re invested in the future of the internet and digital assets, then you really need to understand Web3 domains. Because the truth is, they’re not just a trend; they’re a foundational piece of the Web3 ecosystem that promises to change how we interact online.

Speculation in Web3 Domain Markets

Let’s assume that you’ve dipped your toes into the Web3 domain market, gotten a shiny new domain, and are waiting to see if it’s going to be the next big thing.

The first thing you must know about the Web3 domain market is that – it’s not just about luck. It’s also about speculation. Speculation, in this context, is all about making educated guesses. Here, you look at the trends, understand the market, and make predictions about what’s going to be valuable in the future. It’s a practice as old as markets themselves and they influence everything from real estate to cryptocurrencies.

You get to understand the potential growth in value and make your moves early. When speculating on Web3 domains, you’re not  just buying a cool new address; you’re investing in a slice of the future internet.

But here’s the kicker – speculation in the Web3 domain market is not without its risks. The market is volatile, and the value of a Web3 domain can fluctuate wildly. Plus, the decentralized nature of Web3 brings its own challenges.

Despite these risks, speculation plays an important role in the Web3 domain market. It’s what drives the market, fuels the excitement, and keeps things interesting. But as with all forms of speculation, just do your homework and understand the market before starting.

Impact of Speculation on Prices, Demand, and Supply

Have ever scratched your head wondering why some Web3 domains have price tags that could buy you a luxury car? Again, it’s still all about speculation. We can liken speculation to a high-stakes poker game. Investors are constantly trying to outdo each other to secure potentially valuable domains. This competition drives up prices and creates a volatile market where prices can shoot up based on perceived future value.

So, why is there such high demand for Web3 domains? Despite technical challenges, Web3 will be the new standard for the internet. Think of it as getting in on the ground floor of a booming industry. Investors are snapping up these domains, hoping they’ll become as indispensable as .com addresses are today. They see Web3 domains not just as names, but as crucial assets in the evolving digital landscape.

And let’s not forget about supply. Popular domain extensions are limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. This scarcity adds to their speculative appeal, much like a limited edition collector’s item. This scarcity isn’t just about the number of available domains; it’s also about the perceived quality and memorability of those domains. Short, catchy, and relevant names are highly sought after, and once they’re claimed, they’re off the market. This drives a sense of urgency among investors, pushing demand even higher.

Strategies for Buying and Selling Web3 Domains

If you already invested in a Web3 domain and wants to start profiting from it, here are some strategies you should start implementing.


Ever heard of flipping houses? Web3 domain flipping works on the same principle. Buy low, sell high. You grab domains at a bargain and sell them quickly for a higher price. The key here is timing. Quick profits can be yours if you can identify undervalued domains and sell them when demand spikes.

Geographic and Cultural Relevance

Investing in Web3 domains that have geographic or cultural significance can be a smart strategy. Domains that resonate with a particular region or culture may have a higher demand and, consequently, a higher resale value. For example, domains that include city names or cultural references could become sought after as the Web3 space grows globally.

Portfolio Diversification

Diversifying one’s portfolio by acquiring a variety of Web3 domains can spread risk and increase the chances of holding a highly valuable domain. This strategy involves investing in different types of domains, such as those related to various cryptocurrencies, tech trends, or industries, to mitigate the impact of any single domain’s devaluation.

Long-Term Investment

Patience can be a virtue. Just like traditional real estate, some investors prefer to hold onto their Web3 domains for the long haul. The idea is that as Web3 adoption grows, so will the value of these domains. If you believe in the future of Web3, holding domains for several years could yield significant returns.

Targeted Investment

Focusing on niche areas and specific industries or trends can potentially increase your chances of high returns. For instance, domains related to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or DeFi (Decentralized Finance) are in high demand. As these sectors expand, the value of associated domains can rise.

Freename offers you the opportunity to become a Web3 reseller and earn passive income from your Web3 domain. Discover more and seize this chance today!

Risks Involved in Speculation

Market Volatility

The Web3 domain market is highly volatile. Prices can soar one day and plummet the next. This unpredictability can make it challenging to time your investments. While volatility offers opportunities for high returns, it also poses a risk of significant losses.

Regulatory Uncertainty

Blockchain technology is still a gray area for many governments. Regulatory changes can impact the value and legality of Web3 domains. Staying informed about criticalities and regulatory developments is crucial to mitigate this risk. A sudden regulatory crackdown could affect your investments overnight.

Technological Changes

Web3 is still evolving. New technologies and platforms can emerge, potentially rendering existing domains less valuable or even obsolete. Staying up-to-date with technological advancements is essential to ensure your investments remain relevant.

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Liquidity Issues

Unlike traditional assets, Web3 domains might not always have a ready market. Finding buyers can be challenging, especially if the domain is niche or the market sentiment is bearish. This illiquidity can tie up your investments longer than anticipated.

Potential Opportunities for Speculators

Early Adoption

Entering the market early can lead to benefits from the growing attention and adoption of Web3 technologies. At Freename we have a lot of Web3 domain names you can hop on right away and keep for the long term. 

Market Growth

As more people and businesses enter the Web3 space, the demand for relevant domains is likely to increase, potentially leading to higher valuations.

Criteria for Valuing Web3 Domains

Ever wondered how to determine if a Web3 domain is worth investing in? Here’s a detailed guide to help you assess the value of Web3 domains, ensuring you make informed and strategic decisions.

Domain Length and Memorability

If it’s snappy and sticks in your mind, you’re onto something good. Think about it—would you rather remember “crypto.eth” or “mycryptocurrencywallet.eth”? The simpler, the better.

Relevance to Trends and Industries

Domains tied to growing sectors like NFTs, DeFi, or the Metaverse are often more valuable.


Domains that can be associated with a brand identity tend to fetch higher prices.

Keyword Value

Just like with traditional domains, keywords matter. Domains containing popular keywords related to Web3, blockchain, or crypto can be highly valuable. An SEO expert can help you identify high-value keywords.

Extension Popularity

Domains with popular and credible extensions are more likely to attract higher interest and prices. For instance, .ai are well known and extremely valuable domains.

Scarcity and Uniqueness

Unique domains that can’t be easily replicated or substituted hold more value. If you have a one-of-a-kind domain name that resonates with a broad audience, you’ve struck gold. Scarcity drives up value, making unique names highly sought after.

Other Metrics That Matter

When you’re assessing a domain’s worth, think about:

  • Traffic: More visitors can mean a higher price tag
  • Backlinks: A domain with solid backlinks is like a property in a prime location
  • Social Savvy: A domain with a social media following has already made a name for itself
  • Earning Power: If a domain is already making money, that’s a big plus

It’s important to remember that these metrics are just one piece of the puzzle. Domain valuation is ultimately subjective, and market sentiment plays a significant role. Don’t rely solely on metrics; combine them with your understanding of current trends and future Web3 possibilities.

Here are a few resources you might find valuable as you begin your journey into the Web3 speculation niche:

Future Trends Impacting Domain Valuation

Increased Web3 Adoption

As more people and businesses adopt Web3 technologies, the demand for Web3 domains will rise. This can drive up prices, especially for domains related to mainstream applications and services.

Technological Advancements

New developments in blockchain technology can impact domain value. For example, improvements in interoperability between different blockchains could increase the value of domains that facilitate cross-chain interactions.

Regulatory Changes

Keep an eye on regulatory changes in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Favorable regulations can boost the market, while restrictive policies might dampen demand.

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Cultural Shifts

As digital culture changes, so do naming trends. Domains that align with cultural movements or emerging online communities can see a spike in value. For instance, domains related to emerging virtual worlds or digital art spaces might become highly coveted.

Remember, when assessing a Web3 domain:

  • Research the Domain’s Niche
  • Check for Historical Sales Data using platforms like NameBio or Dune Analytics
  • Evaluate the Domain’s SEO Potential
  • Consult Industry Experts
  • Consider Long-term Viability


The role of speculation in the Web3 domain market is undeniable. While it can lead to price volatility and hinder practical adoption, it also fuels market growth and attracts new participants. As the Web3 ecosystem matures and its potential applications become clearer, the true value of Web3 domains will likely go beyond pure speculation. Domains with strong utility and those fostering innovation within the decentralized web will likely emerge as the most valuable assets.  But blend caution with opportunity when dealing with Web3 domain speculation. Staying informed and adaptable will reduce the risks and help you milk every opportunity that you see. 

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Why do i Need a Wallet?

Freename domains are blockchain-based assets and would be minted and stored using a wallet. Users are required to mint and manage their domains using a Metamask or Coinbase-configured wallet. It must be a non-custodial wallet, meaning that one must own the private keys to the wallet in order to approve transactions via a signature.

To benefit from Freename Web 3 domains/TLDs, you must have a wallet. This is because Web 3 domains/TLDs are blockchain-based assets. Users can mint and manage their domains using Metamask or Coinbase-configured wallets.

Keep in mind that it must be a non-custodial wallet. You own the private keys to the wallet (in order to approve transactions via a signature).

Are the Domains Associated with ICANN?

ICANN does not manage domains. believes their TLDs/domains must allow customers to operate independently. wants to build a utility infrastructure, allowing customers to use their services for valuable and generative purposes. By leveraging blockchain technology, Freename Web 3 domains/TLDs have no centralized authority imposing rules and regulations.

What is a Wallet?

Every blockchain user requires a wallet in order to interact with the network. A wallet is essentially an account on the blockchain where transactions can be sent and received. It is also where one can store blockchain assets such as cryptocurrency or NFTs (non-fungible tokens). There is no personal information associated with a wallet and none is required to create one. A wallet consists of a public key and a private key. The public key can be safely shared with anyone who wishes to send assets to the corresponding wallet, however, the private key should not be shared and is the key to accessing the wallet in the event where access is lost or to create another instance.

A crypto wallet (cryptocurrency wallet) is software or hardware that enables users to store and use cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrencies, there isn’t any actual money to carry around in a wallet. They exist on the blockchain. Similarly to traditional bank transfers, crypto wallets enable users to send and receive cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.

A wallet consists of a public key and a private key. To receive assets, you share your public key associated with your wallet. You should NEVER share your private key.

How do i Claim my Earnings from Freename

ou can withdraw revenues generated passively through a cryptocurrency transfer. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet and, once your withdrawal request is confirmed, the desired amount is pulled from Freename’s reserves and conveniently delivered to you!

Claim your earnings by following these steps:

  1. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to
  2. Request a withdrawal
  3. Receive request confirmation
  4. Receive withdrawal directly to your wallet.

Can i Transfer Domains?

Yes. The domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet and can be transferred by you after you have minted it. Access your portfolio, select the TLD or Domain you wish to transfer and type the recipient’s address. Afterwards, you must paste the OTP code you received by mail to confirm the transaction. Keep in mind that currently, it is not possible to import the domain that has been transferred, but it will be possible soon!

Yes. Domains are transferable ONLY after a TLD/domain has been minted and stored in a user’s wallet.

To transfer the TLD (or domain), the user must:

  • Access their wallet
  • Select the item they want to transfer
  • Enter the recipient’s address.
  • Confirm the transaction by pasting the OTP received by email

In the future, will support importing domains that have been transferred.

What about Trademarks?

Registering a trademark on your Freename Web3 TLD will allow you to protect your web3 TLD and your logo worldwide juridically.

From the moment you deposit a trademark request, your web3 TLD will be protected worldwide for 6 months awaiting for the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property ( to confirm and register the availability of your TLD.****

A trademark is any symbol, phrase, or word that allows customers to identify a company’s goods or services. Freename is a web3 domain/TLD provider that also provides trademark registration.

A user must reach out to the trademark department to register a trademark. To get your trademark filed for review at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, a user must provide the following:

  1. Complete a Know your customer (KYC)
  2. A list of TLDs they wish to trademark
  3. Proof of payment

Once these conditions are met, it takes one week for the trademark to be reviewed and logo/TLDs to be provided with six months of worldwide protection.

Is Minting the same as Buying?

Purchasing a TLD (or domain) on Freename and minting it on the blockchain are two distinct steps. When you purchase a TLD (or domain), the transaction is recorded in Freename’s database and not on the blockchain. Minting a TLD (or domain) on the blockchain requires a second step: log into the user’s personal area, select the TLD (or domain) and press “mint TLD” (or domain): done! Don’t worry, once you have purchased a Freename domain, no one can take it away from you!

No. Buying and Minting a TLD/domain are two different things.**

Buying **is the process of recording a transaction on Freename’s database and not on the blockchain.

Minting is the process of pushing a user’s domain from data onto the public ledger of a blockchain and into a user’s wallet. Giving the user full control over the TLD/domain.

It is very easy to mint a domain/TLD once you purchase it. Simply:

  • Log into your personal area
  • Select the TLD (or domain)
  • Press “mint TLD” (or domain)

What is Domain Minting?

Minting is the process of publishing a Freename domain (or TLD) on the blockchain via your wallet to gain full custody of the domain. This means that the only person that has control over the domain (or TLD) is the person who controls (has access to) the wallet.

Minting is the process of pushing a user’s domain from data onto the public ledger of a blockchain and into a user’s wallet. Giving the user full ownership over the domain.

Minting on is as simple as the following steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter the TLD/domain you want to buy in the search bar
  3. Add the TLD/domain to your cart
  4. Go to checkout
  5. Create a account
  6. Purchase the TLD/domain with cryptocurrency or a credit card
  7. Go to “portfolio and incomes.”
  8. Click on mint TLD/domain

Which domains are Protected?

Protected domains and TLDs are domains and TLDs that we’ve detected are associated with a brand, organization, or notable person. We believe it is important to increase adoption for the next generation of the internet by helping to onboard brands into the Web3 era. If you are interested in applying for a Protected domain, please contact us.

TLDs/Domains associated with a notable person, brand or organization are considered Protected Domains. Protected domains help onboard brands in Web 3 increasing adoption. Protected domains also protect users from others impersonating/stealing their domains.

Reach out to to apply for a protected domain.

Why use Freename?

Freename domains are unique by their very nature: only with Freename you can register domains with unique TLDs for your digital identity while passively earning money! is not only the leading TLD and Domains platform in Web 3, but also lets users generate passive income!

Owning a Freename Web 3 TLD entitles users to receive passive income whenever a domain is bought on their TLD. Users can register and mint TLD/domains of their choice if available.

What is a Domain?

A domain name is a string of letters and/or numbers that points to the IP address of the corresponding website. Generally, it is easier to remember a name than a long string of numbers.

A domain name is an address that people type into a browser bar to find a website. It consists of a Top-Level Domain (TLD), everything that comes after the dot, and the Second-Level Domain (SLD), everything that comes before the dot.

For example, “” is the domain name, “Freename” is the SLD and “io” is the TLD.

Which Chains are Supported?

Freename has a multi-chain approach. You can choose on which Blockchain to mint your Web3 Domains and TLDs ranging Among Polygon, Cronos, and Binance.

A user can mint a domain/TLD on the following blockchains:

  • Polygon
  • Cronos
  • Binance

Freename plans to expand its multi-chain approach by adding blockchains upon which domains can be minted.

Are there Renewal Fees?

No! Once you’ve bought a Freename Domain or TLD, it’s yours forever, no renewal fees ever!

No. There are no renewal fees on Once a user has paid a one-time payment for a domain/TLD, they own it. Forever.

This is the significant advantage of Web 3 domain/TLD over traditional alternatives.

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